We understand that your time is precious, so we’ve designed this efficient and straightforward survey to gather your thoughts on recent visits to Mymorri stores. By participating, you contribute to our ongoing commitment to improving our services, products, and overall customer satisfaction.Mymorri

In the next few minutes, we’ll guide you through the steps necessary to complete the survey and provide you with an opportunity to share your candid opinions. Your insights will remain confidential, ensuring your privacy is respected throughout the process. We encourage you to be honest and thorough in your responses, as your feedback is a vital component in our continuous efforts to serve you better.

Requirements For Survey

Certainly, here are the requirements for the Morrison’s Listens survey, presented with transition words for better readability:

  • Introduction: Firstly, participants should visit the Morrison’s Listens website to begin the survey.
  • Eligibility: Before starting, it’s essential to confirm eligibility, so participants must meet the following criteria:
    • Age Verification: Specifically, individuals must be 18 years of age or older.
    • Residency: Participants should be residents of the United Kingdom.
  • Survey Access: Upon meeting the eligibility criteria, participants will gain access to the survey through a unique code provided on their Morrison’s store receipt.
  • Completion Time: The survey takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete, ensuring a quick and efficient process.
  • Honesty: In the survey, honesty is crucial. Therefore, participants must provide genuine feedback based on their recent shopping experiences at Morrison’s.
  • Language: The survey is available in English, which means that participants should have a basic understanding of the English language to complete it.
  • Anonymity: Participants’ responses will be kept confidential and anonymous, guaranteeing privacy and data protection.
  • Survey Questions: The survey includes a series of questions that cover various aspects of the Morrison’s shopping experience, including:
    • Store Visit: Questions about the most recent visit to a Morrison’s store.
    • Product Quality: Opinions on product quality and selection.
    • Staff Interaction: Feedback on staff friendliness and assistance.
    • Cleanliness: Ratings on store cleanliness and organization.
    • Overall Satisfaction: A chance to express overall satisfaction and provide additional comments.
  • Validation Code: Once the survey is complete, participants will receive a validation code. It’s important to write down this code as it can be used to redeem the offer on the receipt.
  • Redemption: To redeem the offer, participants should visit a Morrison’s store and present the validation code.
  • One Entry Per Receipt: Participants should note that only one survey entry is allowed per receipt.